The services and products we offer are entirely consistent with the needs, desires and goals of our clients. They are developed on the basis of long-year experience in management and consulting, with the most modern achievements and tendencies in the world's practice of coaching as a partnership approach for personal development, creative thinking and corporate change management.



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Understanding Coaching (PSYCHOLOGY TODAY

Behind every successful man or woman is...a coach!

"While CEOs call the shots that keep the company afloat,
executive coaches work to keep the CEOs themselves in seafaring shape.
Overstressed managers are increasingly turning to coaches
to avoid burnout and maximize their chances of success."



ICF (International Coach Federation) defines coaching as a partnership between coach and client (a particular person or team) in a process, which provokes thinking, creativity and inspires the clients to increase their personal and professional potential.

Coaching is an approach for an accelerated achievement of goals and results. This is a profession different from consulting, mentoring (tutoring), training, NLP, therapy, psychoanalysis, the trainer's work in sports. Thanks to the joint efforts of ICF and European Mentoring and Coaching Council, coaching has been a self-regulating profession in the European Union since September 2011.

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1.1 Our approach in systemic coaching
1.2 Kalev’s harmonic coaching model ©
1.3 Coaching for professional and career orientation
1.4 “New Beginning after Career” coaching

  • 2/ High motivation through coaching. What motivates and makes us happy?

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Coach-consulting team for business solutions, strategies and change management:
3.1 Corporate programme for developing management teams, strategies and change ©
3.2 Moderation                                                                                                         
3.3 Dynamic facilitation                                                          
3.4 Training/ consulting intercultural communication

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