My vision for professional, personal and life development is based and built on the idea of harmony.

My mission is to create, share and develop opportunities, knowledge, communication skills and professional experience for personal growth through motivated, harmonious and positive decisions in life.                                             

Harmony is the quality of existence that unites the separate parts into an organic whole. In human life, harmony is the meaningful synchronicity of feelings and desires, experience and knowledge, professional, personal and family life. It has the unique individual flavour of one’s own endeavour and expression. Harmony is most distinct and “visible” for perception in the beauty of music, poetry and fine arts.

Which are the three main “compound parts of harmony”?


In ancient Greek mythology Harmonia, the daughter of Ares and Aphrodite, is the goddess of      harmony and concord.

In fine arts harmony feeds the visual perception and imagination with an abundance of colours for the eye to indulge in. It is the harmony of colours that creates the clear perception of order and logical structure in the human brain.

On the basis of the three primary colours: red, yellow and blue.

In 1666 Sir Isaac Newton developed the first “circle diagram of colours” based on the three primary colours and their harmonious gradation in all other rainbow colours.

In music, harmony is a combination of tones and chords in three main triads known as TONIC, DOMINANT, SUBDOMINANT. Through them and the mathematical precision of their arrangement, the whole beauty and variety of the most exciting as well as mass consumed art, music, are built.

The harmonic coaching model © is based on a systemic coaching approach that steps on the “logical levels” developed by Gregory Bateson and Robert Dilts. It is applied in all “three systems” of coaching: work, organization and personal life.
We ask open questions in three main groups:                                                             concerning behaviour and environment (What? Where? When?), possibilities and strategies (How?) in order to achieve what we desire and what we want to be (Who am I...then?).

In harmony with oneself, with others and our vision for life!

Harmony is in you...Discover, Realise and Live it!